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Programming Mobile Devices

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In this track we will explore the rapidly expanding and changing world of mobile devices and applications. Participants will explore basic concepts and techniques for mobile application development for Android and iPhone platforms as well as some platform independent tools and techniques. We will also discuss integrating mobile device use and development into your classroom activities.


Some basic programming knowledge is required but language-specific or advanced skills are not required.


Don Bittinger, IDT Faculty, El Centro College, Dallas Texas

Professor Bittinger is an accomplished Computer Professional with extensive background in Web Site Management, Electronic Marketing Systems, Application Development, and Academic Instruction. His resume details 20 years of designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining complex computer systems used in all of these job titles. Don also enjoys hunting, fishing, and a recent sprint into Motocross Racing.


Lab/Instruction will consist of developing of mobile solutions using XHTML, Adobe Flash, and industry accepted software and simulators.

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