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EMC Information Storage and Management

Track Room Location: TBD


This “train the trainer” track will prepare faculty to teach the technology-based Information Storage and Management (ISM) V2 course offered through participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program and provide the hands-on experience to do the online ISM labs available through Network Development Group (NDG). Further it prepares faculty to become an EMC Proven Professional Information Storage Associate.

This class enables ICT faculty to achieve a comprehensive introduction to information storage infrastructure, including virtual environments. Faculty will learn about the architectures, features, and benefits of Intelligent Storage Systems; networked storage technologies such as FC-SAN, IP-SAN, NAS, Object-based and unified storage; business continuity solutions such as backup, replication and archive; the information security; and the emerging field of cloud computing. This class is taught using the textbook, “Information Storage and Management (ISM), 2nd Edition”, written by storage professionals from EMC Corporation. The book takes an ‘open’ approach to teaching information storage and management, focusing on concepts and principles – rather than product specifics – that can be applied in all IT environments.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the ISM v2 textbook. Faculty who are participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program will receive the teaching and learning aids to deliver the course including PowerPoints and facilitator guide for each chapter, videos, course lesson planning, and more …


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have an understanding of computers, operating systems, networking, and databases. Experience in specific segments of storage infrastructure would also be helpful to fully assimilate the course material. Examples of beneficial focus areas and knowledge include:

  • Systems integration/administration
  • Computer systems administration
  • Hardware integration
  • Network administration
  • Operating systems (CPU, memory, I/O pathing, commands, directory structure, registry)
  • Networking (TCP/IP, network design and support, troubleshooting, Active Directory Services, monitoring tools, upgrades, and patches)
  • File Systems and Data Structures


Mr. Lee Toderick earned his EMCISA (EMC Information Storage Associate) certification after attending EMC ISM training during the summer of 2009. Lee has an AAS in Pre-computer Science from Craven Community College, New Bern, NC, a BS in Computer Science from East Carolina University, and a MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University. His professional certifications, past and current, include CNA, Network+, CCNP/CCDP, RHCE, RHCx (proctor), and EMCISA. He has been a technology educator for over 20 years, and has taught Information and Computer Technology courses at East Carolina University for the past 12 years.


Lab exercises will be conducted via NETLAB+ remote lab setup. NDG’s remote access solution, NETLAB+, enables academic institutions to host remote computing labs comprised of virtual topologies. This course will include an introduction to how you might host or obtain access to a remotely hosted EMC ISM lab. This is an exciting new capability designed to make delivering the EMC ISM course more accessible to instructors and engaging to students.

The following online labs that will be taught to support the ISMv2 course via NETLAB+ are:
Lab 1: Introduction Lab (Install OpenFiler)
Lab 2: Overview of RAIDLab 3: Overview of LUNS
Lab 4a: Overview of Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
Lab 4b: Analyze Protocols and Performance of NAS
Lab 5: Overview of iSCIS
Lab 6: Backup and Recovery
Lab 7a: Security Vulnerabilities
Lab 7b: Securing the Storage Infrastructure
Lab 8: Managing the Storage Infrastructure


"Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information in Class and Cloud Environments, 2nd Edition“ by EMC Education Services – ISBN: 978-1-1180-9483-9

Certification Info

The training qualifies you to take the __Information Storage and Management v2 certification exam (E10-001)__, and each attendee will receive 63% discounted exam voucher.

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